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Life insurance is designed to help safeguard your family's well-being should the unexpected happen. With the proper amount of coverage, you will immediately experience a refreshing sense of relief and comfort knowing that your family will not suffer unexpected financial burden.
East West Insurance Services offers several types of coverage, including:
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Many families provide for their own health insurance needs. Perhaps you need a special type of coverage, or coverage for a special person. If you need to do it yourself, we can help.


Renters have special needs separate from the building in which they rent. If you rent, you want to protect your personal property and insure yourself against personal liability. We can help you secure this special form of insurance.


Yes, you can buy good earthquake coverage for your home. We recommend coverage that will either restore your home as is, or come very close. We can help secure that level of coverage.


Standard homeowner's policies usually do not cover flood damage. East West Insurance Services can help secure this additional coverage.


A good Homeowner policy should not only restore your home. A good policy should also protect personal property, and against liabilities you may incur...whether at home or any place you might be in the world. Ask us how!


A lot of incidents happen on the road, and you want to be prepared should something happen to your vehicle or a family member.

A personal umbrella policy is designed to cover potential remaining gaps in your liability coverage. You'll be able to rest assured that should something happen, all that you've worked to build is protected.


A policy that provides protection for both your property as well as any damages if the operation of your boat causes injury or property damage to others.


Yes, we can cover your motorcycle. Insurance companies especially favor safe riders. Give us a call!


A policy that provides "Agreed Value" coverage for your classic automobile.

It's not just a vehicle; it's an asset, a work of art, an item of tremendous pride and joy.
We first work to determine an "agreed value" for your classic automobile. With that settled, we'll narrow down the insurance carriers that are worthy of helping protect your treasure.
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